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Gieseler Greenbaum, Dorian From Lilly to Steiner and Jung:Temperament in Astrology and Psychology, Seventeenth and Twentieth Centuries
Akasoy, Anna Ayse Arabic Physiognomy as a Link between Astrology and Medicine
Beinorius, Audrius Astral Hermeneutics: Astrology and Medicine in India
Carey, Hilary M. Medieval Latin Astrology and the Cycles of Life: William English and English Medicine in Cambridge, Trinity College MS O.5.26
Heeßel, Nils P. Astrological Medicine in Babylonia
Langermann, Y. Tzvi The Astral Connections of Critical Days. Some Late Antique Sources Preserved in Hebrew and Arabic
Lo, Vivienne Heavenly Bodies in Early China: Astro-Physiology in Context
Nutton, Vivian Greek Medical Astrology and the Boundaries of Medicine
Pennuto, Concetta The Debate on Critical Days in Renaissance Italy
Ronit, Yoeli-Tlalim Tibetan Medical Astrology
Wallace, Vesna A A Convergence of Medical and Astro-Sciences in Indian Tantric Buddhism: A Case of the Kalacakratantra 223