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Adamson, Peter Yahyá ibn 'Adi and Averroes on «Metaphysics» Alpha Elatton
Ahmed, Asad Q. Interpreting Avicenna : Urmawi/Tahtani and the Later Logical Tradition on Propositions
Akasoy, Anna Ayse Ibn Sina in the Arab West: The Testimony of an Andalusian Sufi
Arnzen, Rüdiger Ibn Rusd on the Structure of Aristotle's «Metaphysics»
Eichner, Heidrun Al-Farabi and Ibn-Sina on «Universal Science» and the System of Sciences: Evidence of the Arabic Tradition of the «Posterior Analytics»
El Fekkak, Bakr Alexander's «'Inaya» Transformed: Justice as Divine Providence in Al-Farabi
Gutas, Dimitri The Study of Avicenna. Status Quaestionis atque Agenda
Hissette, Roland Des leçons doubles dues à Guillaume de Luna? Le cas de sa traduction du commentaire moyen d'Averroès sur l'«Isagoge»
Janos, Damien The Greek and Arabic Proclus and al-Farabi's Theory of Celestial Intellection and Its Relation to Creation
Janssens, Jules L. Ibn Sina Impact on Fahr ad-Din ar Razi's «Mabahit al-Masriqiyya», with Particular Regard to the Section Entitled «al-Ilahiyyat al-mahda»: An Essay of Critical Evaluation
Lizzini, Olga L'âme chez Avicenne: quelques remarques autour de son statut épistémologique et de son fondement métaphysique
Luna, Concetta L'utilizzazione di una traduzione greco-latina medievale per la costituzione del testo greco: la traduzione di Guglielmo di Moerbeke del commento di Proclo «In Parmenidem» II
Martini Bonadeo, Cecilia Abd al-Latif al-Bagdadi's Reception of Book Beta of Aristotle's Metaphysics against the background of the competing readings by Avicenna and Averroes
McGinnis, Jon Avicennan Infinity: A Select History of the Infinite through Avicenna
Reisman, David C. The Ps.-Avicenna Corpus II : The Sufistic Turn
Street, Tony Avicenna's «Twenty Questions on Logic»: Preliminary Notes for Further Work
Strobino, Riccardo Avicenna on the Indemonstrability of Definition
Treiger, Alexander Avicenna's Notion of Transcendental Modulation of Existence (taskik al-wugud, «analogia entis») and Its Greek and Arabic Sources
Zonta, Mauro The Revisions of Qalonymos ben Qalonymos's Medieval Hebrew Version of Averroes's «Middle Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics»