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Abattouy, Mohammed The Corpus of Mechanics of Al-Isfizari: its Structure and Signification in the Context of Arabic Mechanics
Bagheri, Mohammad Kushyar ibn Labban's Mathematical Approachin His Astronomical Handbook
Boudet, Jean-Patrice Les comètes dans le Centiloquium et le De cometis du pseudo-Ptolémée / The Comets in the Centiloquium and in the De cometis of Pseudo-Ptolemaeus
Boudon-Millot, Véronique L'apport des traducteurs arabes dans le débat sur l'authenticité des traités galéniques / Arabic Translators' Judgement on Authenticity of the Galenic Treatises
Burnett, Charles On Judging and Doing in Arabic and Latin Texts on Astrology and Divination
Chandelier, Joël Le concept de maladie chronique, des Grecs aux Arabes et des Arabes aux Latins / The Concept of Chronic Illness, from the Greeks to the East, and from the East to the West
de Callataÿ, Godefroid Who were the Readers of the Rasa'il Ikhwan al-Safa'?
Djebbar, Ahmed La circulation de l'algèbre arabe en Europe et son impact / Circulation of Arabic Algebra in Europe and its Impact
Haohao, Shi Yunli Zhu Calculating the Fate of Chinese Dynasties with the Islamic Method: The Chinese Study and Application of Arabic Astrology in the 17th Century
Jacquart, Danielle Quelques propos introductifs: la confluence des sources grecques et arabes dans l'Occident médiéval latin / A few introductory Words: the Mixed Flow of Greek and Arabic Sources in the Latin Medieval World
Juste, David The Impact of Arabic Sources on European Astrology: Some Facts and Numbers
Mandosio, Jean-Marc The Use of al-Kindî,s Treatise On Rays in Peter of Zealand's Elucidation of Marvelous Things (End of the 15th Century)
McVaugh, Michael Rogers Why Rhazes?
Paravicini Bagliani, Agostino Western Perspective of the Conference
Pereira, Michela Projecting Perfection. Remarks on the Origin of the «Alchemy of the Elixir»
Ventura, Iolanda Medieval Pharmacy and the Arabic Heritage: the Salernitan Collection Circa instans
Weill-Parot, Nicolas Devenirs de la magie astrale hermétique arabe dans le monde latin: signification «culturelle» d'une utilisation (XII e- XVe siècle) / The Metamorphoses of the Hermetic Arabic Magic in the Latin World: the «Cultural» Meaning of its Use (12th-15th Century)
Yano, Michio Eastern Perspective of the Conference