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Brumberg-Chaumont, Julie Buridan et le problème des termes singuliers substantiels
Caminada, Niccolò A quotation of an anonymous 'logician' in Avicenna's Categories
Chiaradonna, Riccardo Are There Qualities in Intelligible Being? On Plotinus VI.2 [43] 14
Conti, Alessandro D. Relations and Relatives in Boethius's Commentary on the Categories : the Invention of Monadic Twoplace Predicates
Di Giacomo, Francesco Pensare ed interpretare la realtà : il commento alle Categorie di Giovanni Buridano
Di Vincenzo, Silvia Avicenna's reworking of Porphyry's 'common accident' in the light of Aristotle's Categories
Girard, Charles Les catégories d'action et de passion dans le Livre des Six principes et quelques-uns de ses commentaires
Granieri, Roberto Systems of Predication. Aristotle's Categories in Topics, I, 9
Griffin, Michael J. Why Philosophy Begins with the Categories: Perspectives from the 1-st century Greek Commentators
Hansen, Heine A Book about Being: Anonymus Domus Petri 205 on Aristotle's Categories
Hauer, Mareike The notion of ejpithdeiovth in Simplicius' discussion of quality
Pelletier, Jenny Walter Chatton on Categories
Roques, Magali Quantification and Measurement of Qualities at the Beginning of the 14th Century. The Case of William of Ockham
Taieb, Hamid Classifying Knowledge and Cognates: On Aristotle's Categories, 8, 11a20-38 and Its Early Reception
Thom, Paul On logics of genus and differentia in the Aristotelian tradition
Tremblay, Bruno Albertus Magnus on the Problem of the Division of the Categories